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KILEMA Soul of Madagascar
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Kilema’s continued investigation and diffusion of traditionnal Malagasy music has encouraged him to produce his second Album « Lavy Tany » (Far away from his land), released during 2003 and opens himself to the musical exchange between the South of Madagascar and Andalucia.
The latest production of this artist “Mena” (Red) will be available
in 2008. In this new opus, kilema’s melody and his musicians
take you to the sweet landscape of the big Island.
Wherever he goes, Kilema carries the magical, rhythmic soul of Madagascar

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Kilema extrait 'Vali Babe" album "Mena"
Kilema extrait 'Ay ene' album "Mena"


Kilema extrait 'Sambasamba' album "Mena"
Kilema extrait 'Mahaiza mandefistse' album "Mena"


kilema-lavi tany Kilema extrait 'volovolo' album "Lavi tany"
Kilema extrait 'Mena' album "Mena"

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Concert Rainforest in Malaisie

Clément Randrianantoandro KILEMA is a master of the Marovany
, Kabosy and Katsà (native instruments )
Among his most important musical experiences was his participation in the « Justin Vali Trio », a malagasy
band with which he performed in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and Woodstock 1994 among others.
In 1999 KILEMA presented his first solo album
Ka Malisa, an introspective into the music of southern Madagascar, his own birthplace.
During the past three years, Kilema has been touring the main Ethnic and world Music Festivals in spain.



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