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In 1999, he starts working on an album released in 2004. He call this album by his instrument: KALIMBA
All his originality is expressed through out the harmonic and rhythmic notes and melancholic and festive songs. A trio to discover
very soon…

Professional journey:
ATOUMBLAN: 1985 to 1989 - tales and music concerts and spectacles
with Manféi Obin (musical story teller of Ivory Coast).
Tour in France, Algeria, Tunisia, Karibian Islands with Idrissa Diop (1990, 1991, 1992)
Tour with Alpha Blondy in France, Europe, Bresil, England, Africa and Port-Rico (1992 to 1995)
Tour in France and Belgium with David Koven (1992 to 1995)
Tour with Angélique Kidjo; 1997 July: Germany, Belgium; August: France, England and Switzerland.

press said :

Extrait d’interview : « Mon expérience musicale s’est forgée au fil du temps, en participant à des tournées (Idrissa Diop, Alpha Blondy, David Koven, Angélique Kidjo, Michel Fugain…), des concerts, des émissions de télé (Taratata…), et des enregistrements de disques (Philippe Lavil « la case créole », Alpha Blondy « live au Zénith »…) »
Daniel Brown, Mondomix

Site de Charles Obin Yapi

Formation artistique :

CharlesObin-Yapi: Percussions/voice,
Thierry Fanfant : bass,
Bruno Caviglia : guitar

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Video by website

Solo Percussions Charles Obin Yapi
Paris 2008

Charles Obin Yapi au Satellit Cafe 07


Charles Obin Yapi trio

Charles Obin Yapi trio-Kalimba

Charles Obin Yapi trio live extrait concert "Adzopé"

Charles Obin Yapi trio live extrait concert "baba Mé Bié"


Festival Musicamantes09
Festival un Soir d'été Charles ObinYapi
Paris 2008

Charles Obin-Yapi’s music is a musical kaleidoscope, a perfect blend of sounds «afro jazz» where the power of percussion is expressed with the softness of melodies.

Born in the Ivory Coast, Obin-Yapi is a magician of rhythm. He arrived in France in 1983 after having funded the popular group of Abidjan “les Mystics” for several years.

Soon he gets plunged in the French music circuit by accompanying
of international artist like: Lionel Richie, Jimmy Cliff, Angélique
Kidjo, Alpha blondy, David Koven, Michel Fugain, etc…


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