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Today, they’ve formed a band: Mosquito Salsa Club!With their experience touring the Parisian Latin scene (La Coupole, La Java, Latina Café…), the 10 musicians of Grupo Mosquito nurture their creativity whilst remaining true to the roots and to the spirit of Cubano son. On stage, the group’s compositions alternate with audacious interpretations of the Afro-Cuban repertoire.
Mosquito gleefully and energetically explores the extraordinary palette of Afro-Cuban rhythms , capturing the imagination of neophytes and veteran salsa dancers alike. This expressive and light-hearted music is now available on their album.

Site de Mosquito salsa club(video, music....)

Band 6 or 10 musicians:
Aude Publes:voc lead, coros, guïro Georges Porqueras: voc lead, tumbas
Marc Vorchin: flûte, sax baryton, coros
Christophe Renard : piano
Pierre-Yves Desoyer: baby basse Guillaume Broquin : timbales, bongos

kilema en concert
kilema-lavi tany

mosquito salsa club extrait album 'tip top'

What do you do when you’ve been born closer to Paris than to Havana, and you’re more entranced with the warm sounds of conga than with hard-hitting techno beats ? Answer: you plunge whole heartedly into Cuban music!

They started to hone their skills as musicians by joining Latino groups from Paris. A few fiestas later, and they’re accompanying or recording with confirmed artists (Orlando Poleo, Roberto Torres, Nicky Marreo, Africando, Azuquita, Mambomania, P18, Chocolate…)

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