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Les Chevals

Devices of funky style in fantastic and timeless atmospheres, a smart and wild universe to be discovered to the gallop! Separate instruments, their shells are also their symbol, a find where the subtle tone of conches brings a harmonious counterpoint to the rhythm section and to the melodies of brass instruments, sometimes accompanying the subjects in agreements, sometimes taking a dominant place in the compositions.

Influenced by musics of any horizons LES CHEVALS find their peculiarity in a colored, lively and generous, very recognizable sound.

In 2003, they enter the program " Francophonie Diffusion" and their music trots on the waves of 50 French-speaking radios.

Tracked down by Jérome Deschamps and Macha Makeieff in 2004, they compose and arrange the music of a spectacle (entertainment) tribute to Jacques Tati. About ten representations to the Palace from Chaillot to Paris, as well as tour in France and in Germany, to the International Festival of Film in Berlin.

Their second album K went out on March 13th, 2007 at Irfan's the Label. For the occasion, the group grew rich of some guests: Fantazio, Loïc Lantoine and François Pierron, faces also except standards of the French musical landscape.

In 2007, we find LES CHEVALS on two compilations: "Zic de Rue" at Wagram Music. " Le son de Ménilmontant " of Fairplayist whose purpose is is to militate for facilitating the cultural variety and opening fairer and more ecological perspectives in the industry of the music. The Férarock network is partner of the project.

Discover the last Album of the Chevals

"Colis Suspect" Juillet 2011


Nivo and the serge haoerson
les Chevals "Konkmann "
les Chevals "Atuphia " NEW
"Colis Suspect"11
les Chevals "Speed dating "
"Colis Suspect"11 NEW
les Chevals "Konkmann "
"Colis Suspect"11 NEW

Live Festival les Marins de Paimpol 11
Live "Point Rouge" au CC de Mantes 10
Live en rue Festival des Vendanges 09
Charlotte AUGER : tuba, trombone, shell, voice
Romain BERMOND : drum, toys
Nicolas BRIDIER : sax baryton, Shell
Pierre CHAUMIÉ : sax alto, sax ténor, shell, voice
Stéphane DANIÉLIDÈS : soubassophone, shell
Jean-Fred ERBETTA : trombone, shell, voice
Yann LUPU : trompette, bugle, shell
Jean-Baptiste MAILLET : drum
Nicolas MESTRE : guitar - shell

Jazz in free wheel, rock' n roll Sioux or voodoo reggae, Les CHEVALS deceive labels... Call them brass bands if that sings you, call them "les animals", but especially call them Dada.

Formation (Training) in the atypical instrumentation of six brass instruments, an electric guitar, a separate drum and about twenty shells,LES CHEVALS were born on the Parisian alternative scene.

These new turbulent musicians take pleasure to take all the crossbar paths and have more than a pearl under the hood, they possess an unusual organic peculiarity: conches, shells which they use as instruments.

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